details of Montréal on travel tuesdays

No matter where I am, home or abroad, I always stop to admire the details. Sometimes it is a carving in stone, other times iron work but mostly I admire flowers. Here are some details from Montréal...

Ironwork always translates into jewelry in my mind. Sometimes I see the pattern coming together as a piercing out of a sheet of silver. This time I see a structure made from silver wire. The leaves are so elegant, someday this set of forms and lines may find it's way into an earring design but hopefully a bracelet and ring to compliment them.

This piece of metalwork will just be a fond memory to me. It is the above the door to a restaurant, home to the best meal we ate in Montréal. On our last day we ventured out to what I call the antiques district. After hours of scouring and making friends with a man who repairs chandeliers {yes, I came home with a bountiful bag of crystals!} we decided to find a place to eat. I had yet to try crêpes on our trip and went with the first place with them on the menu. La Gargote des Antiquaires had a beautiful courtyard covered with bright awnings. After lots of pointing, smiling and nodding we ordered our best meal. It seemed all the more charming that the menu was in French and that is all the owners spoke. My crêpes were delightful covered in strawberry jam. It was the perfect end to our trip. 

I never quite know how stone carvings will find their way into my jewelry. Maybe the form and shape will just appear as a gesture in an abstract form. It is less obvious being in a completely different material but I admire it just the same.

After seeing all of this ironwork, I always vow to get on with some forging projects. It never quite happens as I plan though. 

This lady reminds me of Mucha's ladies. The ones with poppies in their hair. I discovered her while we were searching Mile End for coffee. 

I am always amazed with passion flowers. They are so complex. I can hardly believe that there are so many of these lovely flowers on one vine. I came across this plant in Mile End too. There were some great stores with fresh produce and plants scattered throughout the neighborhood. 

I am still missing Montréal. I mostly miss the scrumptious mocaccinos from Club Social. 
xo, kim