object fetish fridays welcomes emiko oye

Last week I visited Craftland for a gallery opening. I had been looking forward to this opening more so than any other as it is a jewelry exhibit and I know one of the women working hard to curate this show. One of my favorite collections in the Chromophilia exhibit was from the artist emiko oye

meadow 1x4 bracelet
Her work is playful, yet refined. We wouldn't expect to see legos treated in the same manner one would treat gold. emiko pulls this off swiftly. Delicate balls of silver adorn the well chosen legos. In the bracelets on display at Chromophilia gold tube settings held faceted stones in place. This is when I fell in love. I do miss my tube setting days. 

tire cufflinks

These playful tire cufflinks are just wonderful too. I saw the earring version. These are quite perfect for the man who still harbors a deep love for toy trucks. 

iced windows limited edition earrings
emiko doesn't allow her repurposed materials to control her designs. She utilizes them to her advantage. Whether we can immediately recognize her materials or not, she is in full control. We are always in awe of her materials, comforted in knowing them and surprised at her interpretation of them.  

enjoy! Kim