object fetish fridays welcomes Sarah Loertscher

I have been noticing a lot of faceted jewelry out there, the ones that are puns on large carat diamond rings. You know the ones I am speaking of, don't you? Sarah Loertscher's pieces aren't at all like those that I have come across, and I consider this to be good, really good.

These artist does more than play around with the diamond-less rings. She draws her inspiration from "[her] interest/obsession with rocks, growth patterns of crystalline structures, and how a single line can became a chaotic mass. When constructing a piece of jewelry, I repeat a line or shape into a layered structure, or distill forms down into their structural supports."

In this piece I love how the artist uses her geometrical design but adds some depth to the piece. After she pierced the form out of a sheet of metal she cupped it slightly. I must mention that I also love that it is a tie tack. Men need jewelry too.

Sarah's double kite earrings look like they would be just lovely to wear. The design is simple, yet bold. I would love to see these on because the post was added in a brilliant spot. I love that the view of them would vary depending on what angle you viewed them from.

This steel hexagon bracelet is another display of how great Sarah's designs are. She took into mind how we love to play with our jewels. We like to layer them and see how they interact on our bodies. These are made with the intention of not wearing just one, allowing the model to make her own statement with how many she chooses to pile on. 

Oh, how I do enjoy my object fetish posts. The jewelry is just so lovely.
enjoy, kim