supermarket saturdays welcomes Oh, Little Rabbit

Things have settled down just enough for me to start thinking about my blog again. The studio is getting unpacked and used. So far, fifteen pairs of earrings have been made there! Maybe it is just me, but I find this fact to be exciting. 

So, we are back to our regular series of supermarket saturdays! Meet Oh, Little Rabbit....
I can't quite recall which design I fell in love with first, the Revolver and Daisy towel...

...or the Deer Mob/Birch Tree pillow cover. Each has one of my favorite colors {chartreuse and turquoise} and the designs are so sweet. Both are completely different, yet playful. They have a great contrast, for instance the simple outline of the deer versus the texture of the birch bark. Or, the sharp image of the revolver is layered onto soft lace. 

Upon further inspection of Oh, Little Rabbit's shop I fell in love with this towel featuring a bright lemon finding it's way into a heavily decorated tea cup. This splash of yellow gives life to her collection. I adore the subtle hues but love the bold pink and yellow accents which pop into her work now and again. 

Oh, Little Rabbit has a way with design. She layers her images skillfully. Sometimes they make sense {deer and trees} while other times it is just the image that is appealing, bringing the piece together in a visual way. 

Go on and buy yourself some block printed goodness! 
xo, kim