supermarket saturdays welcomes Jellybeans

Today seems to be the official beginning to fall. It is warmer than most autumn days today but the increasing number of crimson leaves are making it quite clear that fall is here. As is the plentiful harvest of apples at the farmers market. Every week our local farmers seem to have more and more to offer and for that I am grateful. Thanks to them we will have some fantastic end of season pizza on the grill tonight. This babbling was supposed to lead smoothly to an introduction of why I chose Jellybeans as my supermarket favorite this week. One of her pieces was on the front page today and I realized how well she seemed to capture the season. 

Retro Falling
And my instinct was right, this is how Angela describes this particular image, "Of a tree in the final stages before it drops its leaves for the winter, fall. I feel that the leaves in the fall have such a ‘retro-ness’ to them, with the reds, oranges, browns, and neutral-like greens and blues." She does a good job capturing the slow speed at which the leaves tumble from the tree to the earth. 

Sapphire Dreams
Saphire Dreams reminds me of a blustery and brisk autumn night around Halloween. 

Acorns Watercolor
On our walks in the park lately, there are have been many acorns crunching under our feet. Maybe that is what makes the walks more enjoyable. I have a new-found energy in getting myself to walk there lately. It has been more refreshing. 

If you are the type who is already preparing for the holidays you should stay tuned to Jellybeans shop. After taking a glance at her blog, I noticed that there are some great winter cards in the works.

happy weekend and happy autumn!