travel tuesdays brings on the bagel and coffee wars

One day, not too long ago I read a blog post about Montrèal. I stored it away in my mind and continued to look for places to take a vacation. Then I went back to the post and thought, why not just drive to Montrèal right after Picnic Portland? And, that is just what I did. I spent three lovely and far too hot days there. Now I just need to figure out how to afford a flat there.

With the bagel and coffee wars in mind I set out MY first day there to test Fairmount Bagel and Cafè Olimpico

Here I am, happy to have my sesame bagel sandwich for breakfast, yet so ready for some morning coffee.

Without cafè americano on the menu I decided to go all out and get a double espresso. I opted out of sugar until I took a swig. Guess I'm just not tough enough. 
It was all super yummy, but just half of the test. I enjoyed my tastings of Montrèal's specialties and started out the day with a full, happy belly.

Day two brought me to try out St Viateur Bagel and Club Social
Armed with a sesame bagel and all dressed in my new handmade skirt I made an exit to find a stoop to eat on in my new favorite mile end neighborhood.

I am so in love with bamboo travel utensils. They came in super handy, especially since I had to make my own sandwiches. Day two started as another yummy day in Montrèal. And, yes, you will have to wait for the end of this post to find out who the winners are.

Club Social may not have had cafè americano but I was convinced to try a mocaccino. Isn't the menu cute with the doodles?

I was so excited about the chocolate powder on top, so I took a picture. Isn't the presentation better in Canada? I love my coffee in glasses.

So, what really happened is one bite and a swig into day two brought me to find my new loves.

St Viateur was the winner! I left with a bag full of bagels for the next day plus some to take home to the states. It was true love!

Club Social won me over with their fancy mocaccino. Well, they won me over when I had to become a member. I went back there at least three times before we left Montrèal. This trip started my infatuation with trying mocha lattes all about Providence. {I just love my new flower head band too! handmade in canada}

Latte's are just scrumptious looking here in the little state, but I prefer my modest Club Social drinks. Maybe coffee just tastes better on vacation. 

xo, kim