travel tuesdays brings us to Québec

With autumn approaching I thought it would be nice to show a collection of photos rich in golden yellow accents. These were taken while wandering the cobblestone streets of Québec. 

I fell in love with the pale stone facades of the quaint homes. Though my hands were full with fresh strawberries from the Marché, I stopped often to take some photos.

Window trims and shutters are brightly decorated. I wanted to peek through the panes to see if the inside was just as pretty. It was hard to resist.

Aren't the stone borders around the paneled windows pretty? I love the change in texture these brick-shaped stones add.

I love the slight variations in the shutters as I strolled from house to house. 

Lovely, lovely yellow! I bet this is refreshing to see during the dark days of winter.

I am always amazed at the flower boxes I see on our travels. So well maintained, thoughtful specks of color and always so lush!

It was nice to see the stone making up the facades vary some, in texture and color. The yellow stands out more here. I think the green foliage helps too.

Doors are bright in Québec too. I saw an array of vibrant colors {blue, red and green too}. Yellow just happens to be my favorite today.

I wonder about the purpose of this little niche...

I love the bursts of green flowing from these windows. Can you imagine leaning out the windows with a yellow tin can to water these greens? Must be a great burst of fresh air in the mornings. 

I had to throw this little gnome in. After watching Amélie I have a new found amusement with garden gnomes. Where do you think he would travel to? I bet he is the reason all of the window boxes are oh so lush!