welcome autumn!

I have no choice but to give in this week, it is officially autumn. The daylight is shrinking away, the nights and mornings are getting crisp, there is no more denying it. Tuesday morning on a stroll I wore a corduroy jacket and scarf which seems like bundling up after the long, hot summer.

This group of iPhone photographs were taken on the grounds of my new studio. Callie and I went for a jaunt to the mailbox and had some fun discovering our new environment. On one of the loading docks in our complex there are some shoes set into the cement. I forgot to look and see what size they are.

Cross Process

This is the front building of our grand new space. I do love old mills, especially those covered in ivy.

Cross Process

We have this great saw-toothed roof building in our lot. This is the other side of the view from our space. It makes a great pattern. It faces the north, allowing in sunlight to inspect fabric for flaws.

Cross Process

The area is covered with some great, tall marsh grass, adding lots of greenery.


The grass stands contrasts the red brick and matches the windows and doors. 

Cross Process

The stars on our building are green {some of the other buildings have yellow stars}. I think this should become the boiler girls' symbol. {Oh, we are the boiler girls because we are in the steamy boiler room building. It promises to keep us toasty in the winter.}

enjoy autumn, it comes around tonight at 11pm. maybe it can stay around a little longer than summer did, i have no idea where the season went this year.
xo, Kim