adventures in making guinness chocolate cake

I was looking for something fun and rockstar-like to do this past weekend and decided to make a most delicious sounding chocolate cake. I found this recipe on design sponge and knew I needed to try it. Oh, the rockstar part was that I would be baking with Guinness. If a rockstar was going to bake, it would be with Guinness. I am certain of this.

It was beyond difficult to wait for this cake to cool. I really wanted to break open the pan and test a little piece. It smelled so yummy during the preparations and while it was baking. 

I think the frosting kept me busy enough to allow the cake to cool. I hadn't had whipped cream before. It is really quite amazing to see the whip part happen. I was wishing I had some strawberries to top with cream, just like in Amsterdam.

Callie loves when I am baking, she knows there is a good chance she will get to lick the beaters. I just can't say no to this dairy loving dog, I suppose it is in her breed to love all things milk as they are dairy farm cart pullers.

At this point I am having the hardest time trying not to just eating frosting. It is quite yummy. I did a great job. No modesty here, it was damn good.

The oh so yummy and great smelling part of the cake. Did you know that the recipe calls for a cup? That means there is a lot left for you to drink while baking.

I followed the rules and only frosted the top. Just like a Guinness! I didn't see any good coming from breaking the Irish tradition. 

The cake was best that night. A little warm due to impatience made it just right. This the best cake I ever made or ate. Now, to get the timing right to make these into cupcakes. I think they will win hearts at our studio warming party. I have a few weeks to test the times. I won't complain about all of the cake I will be eating either. Or the Guinness I will have to drink.