lovely and local : zoetropa

Welcome to my newest series of posts, lovely and local. This week's feature is on Zoetropa, a printmaking enthusiast from Boston, Massachusetts. 

I am smitten with her simple lines used to portray everyday subject matter. The artist's images have a sketched quality unlike most block prints. Faint whispers of line look like brush strokes giving the image some life.

Who knew bulldog clips could be so fun? Pam uses vibrant colors to catch our attention, making us appreciate a common object. But the repetition of the clip reminds us that it is still just an everyday object, a fun everyday object!

Zoetropa's photographs are wonderful. They make me fall in love with her products. Isn't that the way it should be when selling on etsy? Pam really has a knack for design. Her store reaches past the limits of etsy's format and her blog is simply simple. She adds the right amount of color to catch our attention. 

Yes, I am smitten! Oh, and you lucky locals, you can see Zoetropa's work in person at Craftland. But, that isn't surprising is it?

enjoy! kim