Mia Hebib on object fetish fridays

Using another Friday as an excuse to look at jewelry I covet. This week I am offering a glimpse of Mia Hebib's work. I just read her artist statement and knew I needed to share it here.... 
"I created Oblik Atelier in 2007, a name that defines my never ending play with LINE, SHAPE and FORM. Oblik, which means "shape" in Croatian, embodies my often complex pursuit to preserve simplicity while keeping a fluid and feminine form. My shapes are intuitive and they come as a result of constant observations of my surroundings."
Mia does a wonderful job in describing her series of work and I knew I wouldn't be able to compete.

This is her folded ring. Silver adorned with veneer doesn't sound like an elegant presentation but Mia proves us wrong. My favorite part is that she designed the ring after a wood shaving. I thought I was the only person who didn't look at the curls of wood as something to discard. 

I am amazed with the simplicity in Mia's work. Her "You Earrings" are perfect for everyday. But they are glamorous too. Especially to a fellow jeweler who can see the inner-workings of the piece. It seems the ear wire also functions as a support for the back of the earring. This adds to the whole design allowing the earring to decorate the front and back of your ear and allowing movement. {For more earrings in her Deco-eco-co-o line visit her website, which is also beautifully designed.}

Aren't these chandelier earrings fun? The purposely imperfect lengths of the wire set these apart from the other chandelier style earrings we see over and over again. There are some things I love overdone, the more silver the merrier, these being one of those pieces.

I never knew playing with sheet could result in such a fun piece of jewelry. Most jewelers leave wire looking like wire in their work, it isn't often that one sees sheet that still looks like sheet. Mia carefully played with line and shape to create a playful form she turned into earrings. These remind me of how silver rolls when you cut into a sheet with scissors. I am seeing a pattern here.

I hope you loved the work of Mia Hebib. I think I need to start my holiday wish list. 

xo, kim