Montréal loves me!

I am not sure how I forgot to tell this story, but now is better than never. After Picnic Portland, I decided to extend our road trip and we continued on to Canada. The car was still loaded with all of my jewels and tent setup which I thought would just be extraneous stuff. 
While navigating Mile End I spied a fantastic boutique and fell in love. After trying on a handmade skirt by nude I found my way to the register. Once I was there I summoned the courage to inquire about consignment. Just as I asked the owner came into the store and agreed to meet with me the next day. They were all so nice and my hopes were up high as they were so excited at the prospect of having a new jewelry artist in the shop. 

I arrived at General 54 early the next day with all of my loot. After eating a bagel from St Viateur I fidgeted a bit and waited for the store to open. Once a few customers trickled in I followed with a box of my jewels in tow. While I waited for the owner I did more browsing. This time getting handmade panties and a headband with the cutest flower.

Meeting time finally came. It was an amazing adventure with all of the shop ladies having wide dazzling eyes as they pawed over my work. In the end, we decided on a wholesale order. They bought a whole lot of earrings. Tons and tons of earrings. I have never felt so good about my work before. Mixing business with pleasure was pure perfection. 

Here I am posing in front of General 54 before I left my beloved Montréal.

Montréal really does love me and I love Montréal. 

{ps: the shirt I am wearing is handmade, I bought it last year while visiting Québec.}