object fetish fridays welcomes Mike & Maaike

It seems I am still a little in awe of Chromophilia, the amazing jewelry collection in the Craftland Gallery curated by Devienna Anggraini and Islay Talyor.  Part of the awe is over the talent in the collection, the other part is that my jewelry is just a few steps away from all these fun pieces. I keep coming across some of the artists on object fetish and thought I would share them with you. 

Mike & Maaike's work was my favorite out of the conceptual pieces in the show. I love their interpretation of the Hope Diamond. It is every so interesting to see computer manipulation of jewelry. With all of the fancy 3D printers out there being used to create jewelry pieces I am happy to see these flat images. It creates another juxtaposition to the real piece.

We get impressions of color broken into facets, like the stones they represent. I would love to see the two pieces side by side, the original and the representation. To be able to feel the difference in weight and to see how the pieces interact differently with the body would be a fun experiment. The work of Mike & Maaike seems to be a interesting journey worthy of exploring, see the other pieces in their shop here. Us lucky locals with ogle it in person at Craftland.