Paris je t'aime

It seems I have become an official Rhode Islander, I can't stand my once a week commute out of the state into the neighboring Massachusetts. A half hour seems so far these days when my studio is a bike ride from home. Don't be fooled, I don't ride my bike there often as my furry sidekick can't accompany me this way. But I do wish we would start to learn a thing or two from my beloved Paris. They make riding the Metro so grand. The entrances are so inviting with their art nouveau adornments. I do wish I had some photos of the inside as they are quite works of art. 

 This was the lovely Metro route we passed while coming and going from our hotel. We tried to take in as much of the city as we could on foot so we passed this more often than we rode on it. I did love to hear the train whishing past us as we set out on our adventures in a new city. Paris is still my favorite and I just can't wait to get back there. 
Everything is so intricate, perfectly detailed and always well adorned. I miss all of the beauty. 

get on your bike and enjoy autumn. take in the beauty where you live. 
xo, Kim

ps: please forgive me for missing a few posts. I was preparing for some events, life is oh so busy.