supermarket saturdays presents she hit pause studios

This week I have been on the front page of supermarket twice. Both times with the same pair of earrings. {It is quite flattering.} The second time I noticed a shop with some polaroid prints and I knew I would fall in love with she hit pause studios. Even the name is sweet.

I do love seeing this image. It brings back memories of the cyclone at Rocky Point Park, and all of the long hot summer days I spent there. This transfer, like my memories, are splotchy and depicting only the brightest of colors. 
This image is so sweet. I am quite fond of puffballs and making wishes on them. I love how the light is bright on the girl's face, blocking out most of the detail of her features. It makes it easier for us to relate to the photo. It could be of anyone of us making a wish.
Here is the photo which graced the front page of supermarket with me. Another delicate photograph, as the subject matter calls for. 

I do enjoy the range of color in Matt's work. He knows how to use color to create mood. 
The balance in this photograph is perfection. The off center typewriter with the carriage pushed to the right makes for an interesting composition and adds movement to the still frame. She Hit Pause Studios captures nostalgic images with ease. 

To see more brilliant polaroid transfers check out She Hit Pause Studios' website

happy saturday!
xo, kim