travel tuesdays brings us to le marché

Lately I have been loving my trips to the farmer's market. It just getting there that is the problem. They run during the times that I tend to be vending. Normally, I am their neighbor in the park but I can't always get away to get my shopping done. It makes me wish that we had our very own Le Marché du Vieux-Port. Open daily, covered and full of fresh offerings. Please, oh, please send one our way.
Soup? I would love some potato leek soup. I am in need of a recipe.

I love the purples. Maybe I should hang this near where I enamel for color inspiration.

And carrot soup, that has been keeping me warm in the studio lately.

Turnips are more interesting to look at than to eat as far as I am concerned. Unless there is another option to the awful carrot and turnip dish I turned down year after year at Thanksgiving.

Zinnias are my favorite garden flower. I love that you can get them around here for just $3.50 in an Amstel Light bottle. Pure class!

Fluffy and pretty!

Looks like a yummy pizza. I will be sad when tomatoes and peppers are out of season, this fall has brought about some of the best pizzas we ever made. 

Really don't know what these are. Love the contrast of pale lime to the orange cases they are in.

This is starting to look more like the bounties here lately. 

Not a fan of cauliflower, but orange is quite eye catching.

Vampires! Stay back! {I know, so silly!}

Aren't these peppers fun? I would be afraid to use them, they are too pretty. 

As I was looking at the photos of our trip to Québec I realized again just how pretty it is there. I do wish to get back. Even if it is just for the produce. I miss their strawberries the most.

Enjoy the season and it's bounty!
xo, Kim