welcome autumn!

This week we are venturing out in the neighborhood in search of new places for Callie to burn off some energy. Before she was able to do her "chores" in my father-in-law's yard. By "chores" I mean she gave herself jobs, parts of the yard to check in on, sniff out and make sure everything was just as she left it. And she made it her business to know who was coming and going in the neighborhood. Now, she is stuck being my shadow in the studio, although I think she likes my studio mate more. 
This is just another cone flower on the way to the car. I love the flowers lining the driveway here. Isn't it amazing that it is still in bloom?

Today we explored the cemetery. I guess you could figure that out, couldn't you?

I processed all of these images with Cross Process. It seemed to capture the eery spirit of the day perfectly. Perfectly creepy, that is.

There was something special about the white stones. Their age was obvious as you could see moss taking them over. To me this added to their beauty.

I am always amazed at how well Cross Process captures texture. You can almost feel the rough stone under your fingers. It must be so different to our touch then the makers. Cracked with age.

This stone stood out to me as the tree is taking over as the marker. By the way, this photo came out impossibly bright for the grey day.

The color of this stone was amazing. It was almost turquoise.

Darker moss was creeping over the pale blue hue, creating a lovely contrast.

These weeds look like an offering, purposely left to honor those at rest.

Most of the engravings in the older stones were eroded. I wonder if the loved ones expected to have the names of their deceased wash away. One gets caught in the moment and forgets about the test of time.

The more I study this mix of color and texture the more I realize that I want to re-create it in metal.

There are so many great engravings in the cemetery.... 

...ranging from wonderful details to larger entities... 

...but I prefer the details, I think they are more thoughtful. 

I know the meaning to me must differ from that of the ones who chose the images, making the experience richer. Though there are some that don't have meaning at all, they are just images to me. Combinations of line which I appreciate for other reasons altogether. 

Where have you been enjoying your autumn?
keep cozy warm, kim