welcome autumn!

I am so excited about this welcome autumn post. This morning Callie and I ate breakfast in the park and yesterday we sat outside at the Coffee Exchange for my morning coffee. We are truly celebrating autumn, taking in crisp breaths and soaking up the sun. 

My new breakfast nook! 

I have always admired lady fan leaves. Once, long ago I made one to showcase my handmade prong setting. Long, long ago.

Can you believe these are still flowering? This may be the last one until next summer. 

The processing app on my iPhone captured this beautifully. There was something special about the colors in the leaf. It seemed more like a manmade replica than a leaf.

My lady in the park. I like when she shares the bench with me. 

This seemed like a fun view. The repetition of the bricks was interesting.

This may be my favorite this week. It truly seems like an old photo in subject matter and processing.

Love my city!

This is one of my favorite signs in downcity. This photo makes it look so old western, doesn' it?

The sun is filtering through and warming the ground. We need warming. 

It's autumn in the city. 

It is fun to see the assortment of leaf sizes and shapes. 

There are still hanging flower baskets in downcity. See them while you can.

I only left for a short time, I promise. 

Bike envy. The tires were two different colors. There is something special about that. 

Cooler weather means more snuggling with Callie. She has been sleeping later, lazy girl.

I am impressed this plant is still alive. It survived a drought and long hot summer. 

I love this tree most in the fall.

Providence looking like an old postcard.

My lady keeping me company. I was outside knitting hoping the fresh air would cure my cold. 

This is from the end of last week. I suppose it will be my last sunflower for the year. They were nice while they lasted.

Here I am trying to embrace autumn for autumn. Forgetting that winter follows. Eating outside in the sun. Before the frost sets in instead of hiding away waiting for summer. 

Enjoy autumn!
xo, Kim

ps: these moments are my one moment. what are yours?