welcome autumn!

It is starting to look more like autumn in the city. Since the studio hasn't had heat, I have been leaving the house dressed for winter making it so eating outdoors is tolerable. While Callie saunters the park I eat my bagel, sip coffee and take lots of pictures. 
Autumn may be here but the colors aren't here in full force yet. Though I am sure they will be soon enough.

What a lovely contrast and CrossProcess brings it out even more. I may have a problem, I confess, I am in love with park benches.

This is a completely random find outside my studio. I think it makes for a great picture.

Here is my lady snoozing. I am not sure how she manages it but Callie stays in bed while I am up and getting ready yet she is still always waiting on me. 

From a walk by the river. I hope to get back here one day soon, there is a dog park nearby that Callie wants to take a romp in.

We are getting onto my favorite photos. When isn't the Providence skyline not a favorite?

 This was my view this morning as I ate my bagel on the comfy grass.

It was ever so peaceful.

The sun was shining bright and I had no idea what these photos were going to look like. I kept taking photos with all different apps so I could be surprised when I got inside and could see my screen.

 And surprised I was. Aren't the colors jewel-like?

It was hard to leave my little spot but jewelry needed to be made.

It was hard to leave the pretty views and this lady loving the outdoors and sunshine.

As we walked to the car I saw this reed grass, it seems like a sacrifice discarded in the pavement. 

The sky has been amazing lately. Looks like the steeple is hiding in the clouds.

I am completely amazed with this sculpture and the varying degrees of verdigris is beholds. Today I came to realize that I don't explore downtown enough. 

I am enamored with these gates. But aren't I always falling in love with metalwork?

bittersweet berry? 
Isn't leaving the beautiful outdoors for a job you love always bittersweet?

enjoy autumn, kim
ps: I may just have found my mocha match in the city. Club Social, you will always be dear to me but the Cable Car holds a new place in my heart.