welcome autumn!

The other day brought grey, dreary weather. It seemed to be the perfect day to take Callie for a romp in the cemetery. There is a wonderful stone stairway at the North Main Street entrance I wanted to get photos of while she was sniffing about.

This photo isn't as grim as my introduction made it sound, is it?

The corners of the stairs hold a great collection of acorns.

I miss my days in the florist. These flowers remind me that we are in the height of mum season. My least favorite flower aside from carnations to work with.

Though, these mums are prettier than the ones I had to use in cornucopias and pumpkin arrangements. They are more daisy-like than the stock we got into Stop and Shop.

They were fun to come across.

I love how the colors in the stone were brought out with the apps on my iPhone. Everything becomes more vibrant.

It adds some great texture to the photos.

I took to noticing that there were some interesting images on the head stones.

There are lots of raised plots here with weeds growing from the nooks and crannies. Very Tim Burton looking.

I am surprised at the number of hands used in the imagery. It must hold lots of importance for the time period.

I adore this flower pattern which was repeated. There was some lovely lichen growing over the stone too.

This is my favorite carving in the cemetery thus far.... 


...lots and lots of poppies...

...and seed pods of poppies.

Maybe the stairway looks spookier in this photo.

And not too much in this one. But the setting seemed perfect for the grey day.

And, of course, I love the gates.

But before we went to work {we being Callie and I}. We walked through the complex to get the mail. And to take pictures of the sculptures in the parking lot. Isn't this a great pattern?

Since I moved to the city I see less clover around. I have missed it and am happy to know it isn't far.

And back at work to a lovely collection of dahlias from a fellow metalsmith friend who came to my studio party.

Aren't they great specimens from her garden?

And for the Callie fans out there, here is her photo of the week. She is now allowed on the couch, invitation only. We will see how long this lasts. I do love the cuddle time.

enjoy october before it ends!
xo, kim