i pity the fool who don't buy handmade

I am just another lucky lady blogger who is a part of A Crafty Holiday blog hop. Though it seems like a lot of us {thirty-five} are pledging to promote buying handmade for the holidays, in reality there it isn't all that many of us. I am not trying to complain, it is just that buying handmade is terribly important to me, thus I believe that more folks need to join in on the cause. Maybe you need some good reasons or to take a pledge, whatever it takes is just fine with me. 

Preaching aside, here are some great ideas on what to buy for the ones you love. {please click on the photos to be directed to the shops, 'cause I know you want to get buying. the holidays are a comin'}

My favorite people to shop for are my nieces. I have two irresistibly cute ones both with blue eyes and curly hair. Aren't these felt color studies by Jen Menkhaus just perfect for a little lady? I have long been a friend of the littlest bean, in fact I own a few of these myself.
[please, please, please do not pin this as DIY on pinterest. this is a design by an independent artist who makes a living selling her items. it is disrespectful to promote someone else's idea and means of making a living as DIY. thank you.]

My other favorite cuties are my nephews, all five of them. I'm not sure how they feel but the mother of four of these nephews likes her boys to match. Easy for me, I think they will all love the curious rodeo shirt by heatherjeany. {I may need to get this for my two handsome younger cousins too!}

There are four more ladies I always buy for, my aunts. They are some important ladies in my life and I always buy them a little something. Crantini holiday soap from Stella Marie Soap Company seems perfect to me. With the motto "a good bath freakin' rules" how can you go wrong with this as a gift for hard working ladies?

 Do you wonder where to buy all of this handmade goodness? Wonder no more. There are some great sites like Etsy or Supermarket featuring loads of work from artists. But many cities have some great brick and mortar stores filled with crafty handmade goodness. Here in the little state Craftland is just that store. Oh, and after this weekend full of craft fair craziness I can't forget to tell you to visit your local fairs to buy right from the makers. Because buying handmade and local rocks!

ps: I already got what I wanted from the candy thief. I love LOVE love her stuff. 
xo, kim