lovely and local : thimblewinder

I was introduced to thimblewinder by a lovely, local crafty lady. She was sporting one of these fantastic pins. Well, OK pins I suppose. {I love the idea of celebrating OK!}
After becoming smitten with this pin I realized there was much more to threadwinder's repartee. She is the maker of illustrated prints and zines too. Her palette may seem vast but there is a unifying theme: cheeky! 

I think the medals are my favorite. It would have been nice growing up to know that there are some things that are fine enough at being OK at instead of placing in the top three. But, to place, is the best, isn't it? Seems I can't make up my mind after all.

And I had to add this little ornament to my selection of favorites. The holiday season is fast approaching. Wouldn't this be the perfect companion for a fake tree? I am thinking a silver colored fake tree with large colored lights. 

Maybe I will be lucky enough to sneak a peek at threadwinder's booth at Bazaar Bizarre
xo, kim