monday's muse

I decided I would take a day each week to post about inspiration, hence the title monday's muse. For a few weeks I have been looking at ai weiwei's sunflower seeds at the Tate Modern. I try and visit it everyday to remind myself that having to make fifty pairs of the same earring isn't all that repetitious after all. 

The museum's turbine hall is covered with millions of handmade sunflowers seeds husks. Life size and made of porcelain, these are meant to be interacted with and even walked on. I so wish that I could get to London to experience this. I wonder what the "seeds" would sound like as they trickled from my hand back into the pile. Would the tiny porcelain structures be cold? Would they stick to my feet or crack under my weight? Could I make a sunflower seed snow angel before they threw me out? Seems I will never know.

to ai weiwei, thanks for putting my earring production into perspective.

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