monday's muse

This may just be the most beautiful posts to ever grace my blog. It isn't of any doing of my own. Bettina Speckner is an amazing jeweler, artisan and designer. I had the pleasure of attending one of her lectures. I heard of her love of cows and watched her mouth watering slide show as I listened to her process and inspiration. 

When I heard her speak she told us her main medium was a collection of ferrotypes. Though, I think she was starting to migrate towards learning photo-etching so she could process her own photographs on zinc plates. Her other source of materials is having her original photographs photo-enameled by a small company in Europe. I was completely fascinated to hear about her variety of talents and resources.

I adore how Bettina alters the photographs she loves so much. She adds precious materials acting as details for her memories and our memories too.

It is important to the artist that the images are timeless. Giving us all something to relate to, though, the memories or feelings may be vastly different for any one of us. 

I think what I fell in love with most with Bettina's pieces is her equal care for both sides of her jewelry. The part that only the wearer sees is just as stunning. It is a special secret, a knowledge that there is more than can be seen and it is just as beautiful, or even more so. 

I do hope you love Bettina Speckner's work. Should you be in New England she has work at the Sienna Gallery. I would be quite jealous if you got to see it before I do.

happy monday!