monday's muse

Once long ago I came across what I thought to be an amazing find, a diamond in the rough. There in front of me was image after image of work I loved. Pages filled with craft, striking handmade objects, in mediums I was studying. I carried my first American Craft magazine around with me like a treasure, never wanting it out of my site. Soon after I realized that this was indeed a treasure, just a well-known treasure.  

Upon graduating college and finding ways to earn a little extra spending money I have come to be a business member of the craft council. {No more scrounging up spare change from the floor of my car to buy an issue.} Thanks to this membership I look forward to finding this treasure in my mailbox, delivered just for me. It seems that the work gracing the cover of American Craft is always alluring to me. Maybe it was the little girl in me who had previously saved years of meager beach treasures who fell in love with the cover of the October/November 2010 issue or maybe it was the grow up crafter attracted to the melding of textiles and jewelry. Either way, I fell in love with the work of Kay Sechimachi. There is something lovely about her delicate pieces. The care given to the strands of fabric she wove and knotted and the intertwined accents of her beach collection. Her technique is soft, like her memories, yet the addition of her findings cements the experience acting as proof to their existence. Her story is quite lovely, so take some time to give it a look. 

happy monday! 
be inspired, kim