my travels though a lens : camden markets

My favorite place for shopping during my visit to London was Camden Market. When I first approached this super fun marketplace I was in awe of the stables. The architecture is fascinating, I fell in love with the curves of the building. 
I found so many great treasures here. 

Including some great colorful glass vases {handmade}, a lovely wrap skirt, a fun upcycled handbag {also handmade}, insect key rings and wooden puzzles for my nephews. 

It was certainly a lovely adventure. I do hope to make it back someday. 

I believe it was on this street that I got my first ever fresh squeezed orange juice. This is the day I fell in love with fresh orange juice and never looked back {you see, I really hated orange juice until this point in my life, that's a good 26 years of hating!} By the way, the couple in the photo above have legos in their hair.  I followed them to snap a picture. A sweet end to a perfect adventure in London's alternative shopping district.