object fetish friday : Islay Taylor

This week I am going to show off some work from a local jeweler, Islay Taylor. I happened to catch a glimpse of her work from the front page of object fetish as soon as I logged on. A design made of bicycle tubes caught my eye, then I realized I knew the artist's name as she was co-curator to the  Chromophilia exhibit at Craftland. Rhode Island is so very small, and I like it that way. 
I am deeply in love with the honey comb series of Islay's work. But I always fall for large scale pieces. 

Islay has a knack for using non-traditional metalsmithing materials. Though she doesn't limit herself to re-used materials, she has mastered working with metal too. {Take a look at the Disenfranchised Objects section of her site to see what I mean.} 

Enjoy and make sure to look at the rest of her work on object fetish and her website. It is all quite lovely and playful.