object fetish fridays : Annie Tung

Here I am in Northampton, MA recovering from preparing for Craft Show Madness Weekend {aka Twist & Craftopia},  fighting with a poor internet connection. But I am persistent and will prevail with my object fetish post of the week. After a short time browsing one of my favorite sites I came across the work of Annie Tung
I was captivated at my first glimpse of hair. My love for hair incorporated into jewelry comes from a professor who shared his passion for Victorian jewelry with us. He had a wonderful collection and us ladies loved to inspect it. 

I so enjoy the contrast of some pieces showing glimpses of hair while other pieces are less secretive, only showing hair. 

Annie Tung has more than hair to hide. She hides a sense of humor. Scenes we generally keep private, though they are still quite precious and delicate as the facade of her jewelry is. {hint: click on the photo above to see more images.}

happy weekend!