object fetish fridays : Karola Torkos

On my first glimpse at Karola Torkos' work I was drawn in by the simplicity of the design below. 
A simple circle repeated. Somehow modern and classic all in one. 

Then I saw this familiar object, a push pin. Clustered together and plated in gold, they make for stunning earrings. 

When I saw these clusters of color in the forms of earrings I knew I was smitten.  

Discovering the meaning behind these pieces made them all the more lovely and easy to relate to....
"reminiscent of the 70s, childhood memories and kindergarten crafting, fool's gold is a collection of jewelry made from cascades of colors. linked and combined in different ways the jewelry depicts a play with contrasts, shapes and lengths. the shifting between intuitive randomness and considered construction makes this jewelry something familiar yet something new and unknown"

xo, kim