oh, montmartre, je vous adore tellement

I am quite certain I can say Montmartre is my favorite place on earth. It was the first adventure I took in Paris. My first and best omelette, my first night in my favorite city, oh, and I can't forget, my first taste of pomme frites. 

Here is the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur looking a little ghoulish at night. It is a lovely site to come upon after an elevator ride up the hill. 

I wish I could recall the site of these photos but I just can't. All I do remember is that I fell in love. 

One day, I hope to have a flat in one of these buildings all nestled together. 

I left with some lovely bohemian prints and bought a slew of them for one euro each. They make me smile every day.

Such pretty window boxes. So many restaurants were decorated this way.

And, just maybe my flat will have a little iron railing like those gracing the above windows. 

And of course, the stairs of the Rue Foyatier, cheaper than the elevator. I felt pretty silly to find these after buying an elevator ticket. Silly tourist mistake!

This is certainly my favorite place on earth.
now I'm off to daydream, kim