studio sundays

 I am still heavy into preparation for Twist and Craftopia. No matter how hard I try and plan ahead there is always more that needs to be done. This week I will be working on my enameled pieces. There will be lots and lots of enameled pieces on my table. Even if the enamel is acting up and trying to bring me down. 
It seems there is a new fad with my enameled pieces. As I am finishing them up, thinking all of the enameling is over with and it is just clean up time, it happens. It being, that there are mysterious matte spots on my otherwise fine specimen. I tried to problem solve and I can't find the problem. It doesn't seem to be that the pickle is too hot because it happens when I don't heat it. It isn't my new soap because I changed that and I still get some matte spots now and again. It isn't the white out I had to use either as I didn't need to use it on the latest batch because I didn't need to muck up the solder area for any reason. And everything else is the same as always. Same flux, same solder, same torch, same person behind the work, same setup. 

It is really frustrating to have to stop production to see out answers that don't seem to be there. But that is what I did for a while. Seeing as it didn't get me anywhere I am back to making and fixing and making again. 

I did leave the studio late Saturday night, or early Sunday morning, with a pair of these done amongst some other things. I wish it were more so I would be closer to completing my list. It is starting to look like a wish list and not a reality list. Let's hope this week brings glossy enamels and speedy recovery.

happy sunday!