studio sundays

Sometimes, I slow down in the studio and take in my surroundings. Like the pictures I hang up for inspiration on shape or color. 

Such photos may hang for quite sometime before I discover the influence they have on me. 

Then one day, I notice that I am doing more than looking at these photos. 

I am absorbing them, appreciating how the colors interact. And relaying these reactions and emotions into my work. 

 I come to realize what attracted me to these photos from the start. 

They usually hold color combinations I wouldn't dare try on my own. But, maybe that is why I need some time to see them day after day or even year after year. They need to catch my eye just right so I realize just how great nature is. How perfect the colors are and that I can only attempt to capture them in my pieces. 

This inspiration got me on a roll resulting in many new enameled pieces in my etsy and supermarket shops. Well, these are the ones left over from my crazy craft sale weekends. 

happy shopping!
xo, kim