welcome autumn! {& snow}

I hear that it is autumn but there are days that I am not convinced. 
Like when I need to start up the heater in the studio. Though it may be my fault for staying at the studio until the wee hours of the night. 

But, I have looked up from work to notice some great sunsets. 

I think the sky looks neat over the saw-toothed roof. The trees seemed illuminated.

We woke up to snow in the little state. More evidence that autumn is leaving soon.

My neighbors have some pretty great stuff growing out of their stone wall, don't you agree?

So, it seems that my head is full of fluff this week. I went to the hairdresser a day early. Upon discovering this I went for a much needed coffee. On the way I did some window shopping. Aren't these mums so pretty in the tins?

Then Callie girl and I went for a jaunt in the new grassy area off of Wickendon Street. I am in love with this bridge.

So, I glanced off at the neighborhood while Callie sauntered about. 

Of course the stacks are always a favorite. I am ever so happy they now mean home to me. 

This would be my new favorite photo this week. I am always collecting pods with the hopes of casting them into jewelry pieces.

Callie and I did some exploring around the studio grounds today. 

There is a little stream that she wanted to romp in but she looked for approval first and knew she wasn't getting it. 

I found some milkweed. How I wish this shot came out better.

Marsh grass is always a favorite. It looks great against the brick.

I spared a few seconds to appreciate the sunset tonight. I hope you did too.

Sorry for the lack of Callie photos. She hurt her nose and is feeling a bit camera shy. She will be all fixed up and ready to go soon enough. happy chilly weather! xo, kim