welcome autumn!

 With all of the madness of prepping for craft shows I haven't had much time to stop and look at much of anything, well aside from silver. I tried to make up for that on Tuesday seeing as I spent most of Monday sleeping.

The park is still quite pretty despite construction. It seems our fountain is going to work next year and for that I will tolerate dug up side walks and large fenced off areas. 

Crimson leaves are still my favorite. But the sky was so grey and lacking in contrast.

When Callie was a tiny pup she loved romping through the leaves. Now when we are in the park and I try and play in the leaves with her she just barks. I take that as a sign that she no longer likes the rustle of leaves or to be buried in a pile of them. Guess she had to grow up sometime.

This bench always looks best after the rain. And covered in yellow leaves.

I do wish a photo could show her tail wagging. She loves this park so.

This tree is still holding onto it's leaves. For that I am grateful. More crimson for me!

I tried taking photos when the sun came out after our short rain but hipstamatic was dead set on capturing everything in a dark and dreary way.

Even the golden leaves against the bright blue garage door looked less spectacular than usual. 

But it created a nice contrast for the ivy.

And captured the left over rain drops too.

I am also grateful that these cone flowers are still holding on. 

It is nice to see some blooms other than mums this time of year. 

I have been keeping my eye on the brown eyed susans. Those pods will be mine for the taking when the petals are gone. I see a new line of jewelry in the future.

This little one is just starting to grow.

Maybe it will get nice and big like this bloom.

This vine was just lovely. The dried up flowers are so whimsical. I would love to re-create them in silver. 

When we returned from our walk Callie girl was so happy that she grabbed le poisson and danced. 

While I love the dancing Callie I also love the sleepy Callie. I am ever so sleepy after preparing for three days straight of craft shows and she makes for a super cuddler.