welcome autumn!

Before Tuesday got all blustery and leaves started to blow around like snow, Callie and I took a stroll on the Boulevard. Though we live close by we don't get to the other end all that often. The end with the most flowers which have now dried up and gone to seed. 

I love the pods left behind from the black eyed susans. 

I am constantly kicking myself for not bring garden scissors with me on these adventures. I would love more of these to cast. It seems to me that January would be a lovely time to create jewelry from these pieces. 

Some leaves are still holding on, though, I suspect not for much longer. 

And crimson is still my favorite.

But this gold candle flame tree is quite nice. It seems to illuminate the path.

But this week, these magical berries are my favorite. 

They appear to be floating in mid air, like bubbles.

Callie girl and I are still working on her sit while I am stopped. One day it will be automatic. This I know.

Please someone tell me what this flowering succulent is. Should it still be flowering?

My absolute favorite red door ever. Maybe it is because it is framed in black. Or that it belongs to a stone house. Or that in the summer there are chairs of the same color in the front yard. Or that the garden around it is ever so lovely. But probably that it is at the prettiest end of the boulevard and you can see it all from this little stoop. 

enjoy autumn and it's leaves. i do love seeing the leaves dance by like large colorful snowflakes.
xo, kim