close to home but still a vacation

In the early days of summer I took a trip to Boston to check out the new SoWa location. The trip may have been business inspired but it turned into a getaway.  

I did a little meandering through the South End to see the neighborhood around Washington Street. Once I start the open market season it seems that I never get to see past the parking lot I am selling in, so I took it all in. 

After, I went to the North End, the prettiest end as far as I am concerned. 

Quaint and peaceful with pretty views. 

At this point I was completely covered with powdered sugar from my fried dough. I had stopped at Faneuil Hall first to get in some people watching and the smell of fried dough sucked me in. 

I bet these condos are quite nice to live in even in the winter. You can look out and see blue all around you no matter what the season. 

But these would be my favorites. 

Balconies are always a hit with me. 

Because you can liter them with flower boxes, and have breakfast on them. 

They seem to make daily acts more like a little celebration. 

As I walked through town I came across some quaint little restaurants with cute names.

Others had pretty awnings and doors. 

This section of town always feels like a little vacation. Any old, quaint architecture makes me feel lost in another time and place.

I always leave feeling like I don't get there enough. 

This winter /i plan on making many trips getting in some time at the mfa. It is a gem I need to explore more often.

Providence is lacking in copper and I need to get my fill of this familiar verdigris pattern.

happy travels, even it it is close to home. 
xo, kim