monday's muse

I am still thumbing through the same art nouveau book. This gouache by Margaret Macdonald inspires me for a few reasons.
It is celebrating daily life, making a menu into something grand and elegant. This piece is knowing that art has a place anywhere and everywhere. It is beautiful, powerful and subtle all at once. The other thing I love about this painting is that it was created by a woman who may have been more influential than we realize. Upon seeing this image and falling in love I realized that Margaret Macdonald was the wife of Charles Rennie Macintosh, an artist I have long admired. Aside from being his wife she was also collaborated with her husband to help create some of the lovely interiors he is known for. Since documentation is lacking, we are left unknowing of who was whose muse. It may be that he was hers, contrary to popular belief. And that, I love.

happy monday! 
xo, kim