object fetish fridays : Åsa Lockner

There is something imminently gorgeous about Åsa Lockner's jewelry. The pieces shown here leave the viewer wondering how the piece finishes. Does it end up shiny or matte? Which color stones are still to be added. Instead of answering these questions for us Åsa lets us fill in the blanks. We create the piece along with her.

Personally, I find Åsa to be a brave metalsmith. She is sending work out into the world "unfinished" in the eyes of many. In the stages before filing, sanding and polishing your works seems less precious and vulnerable. Her craftsmanship is laid out for all to see without needing to really inspect. Her process is right before our eyes and not covered in sparkle and shine. 

But the lack of sparkle and shine and being upfront about metalworking not being a glamourous affair is what attracts me to her work. We put our hearts into our work then spend hours cleaning everything up just to add shine to attract the buyers attention. But here, there is sparkle and shine, we just need to look for it and appreciate it for what it is, a work of art.

My collection of photos here is meager compared to the artist's work. You can find more work on her website and in her object fetish shop

happy new year to you!
xo, Kim