object fetish Fridays : Jacqueline Cullen

I am loving this work I just discovered from Jacqueline Cullen. Though I could only get a vague idea of the material from a thumbnail photo on the front page of object fetish, I knew I was going to love every inch of her pieces. 

Jacqueline's fun and unusual materials is Whiby Jet. Traditionally used in Victorian mourning jewelry, it is the fossilized remains of a Monkey Puzzle Tree. 

I love how Cullen works with the natural "defects" in her materials. To me, it seems like she celebrates the defects. They become the attraction of her pieces. 

I would love to see them in person, just to see the shimmer of light come off the stones she sets in the recesses of the Whitby Jet. They must be absolutely stunning.

Speaking of stunning, she has more work on her website that you should absolutely take a gander at. 
happy friday! xo, kim