one final autumn excursion

Without realizing that this would be my final excursion in autumn I set out to North Burial Ground to let Callie run about. 

Because she is such a good girl I can get some hipstamatics in. 

The sun was playing well with my subjects.

Though I didn't know this by looking at my screen. I hardly knew what I was aiming at.

And I captured a few winter weeds in the neighborhood. 

Of course leaving my new winter weed finder at home.

My nippers too.

No matter, it is nice to enjoy the sun.

And the jewel blue sky.

It never ceases to amaze me how pretty the clouds can be.

Of course you know I love the city all lit up too.

These snowflakes are just the perfect decoration. I am not one for red and green.

We had a great end of autumn dinner with friends at Julains.

Visiting the restroom there is always a treat.

Autumn is being celebrated in full swing. 

I hope you enjoyed your end of autumn before the snow came. 
xo, kim