rockstar baking

 As a result of family members trying to get me to be more domestic I have a great collection of baking necessities. Most are in a lively shade of red. Since I am only working with the best I call it rockstar baking. 

This collection is a result of year after year of making up wish lists consisting of metalsmithing tools. 

 So, when I mentioned I had baked a few loaves of banana bread my dad took it upon himself to get me a colorful, handmade apron that he knew I would enjoy. 

The kitchen aid was another gift bought when I ran out of hammers to ask for. 

Anyway, let's get onto the recipe. I had a hankering for some banana bread and knew I would find something scrumptious on design sponge. I added some toasted pecans to the mix and hoped for the best.

And the best I got. This is some great banana bread. And, it was some great time spent relaxing on my much needed day off from the studio. Another reward is snacking on banana bread while I hammer away.

I am just realizing that I can't stop making. Even days off are spent making something. Must be a curse of the crafty.
xo, kim