studio sundays

I never could have imagined how busy the holiday season could be for the crafty. It is quite amazing to see the number of people who come out to buy handmade for the holidays. I would like to thank these shoppers and lovers of handmade for allowing the crafty to be crafty. As a fellow buyer, I always wonder what goes on in other artisan's studios so I decided to try and capture some photos of what goes on in mine. 
I am always inspired by nature. It's color and patterns always amaze me. 

I take bits and pieces of what I surround myself with to make my jewelry. 

I may take color from one form and apply it to another, but it always comes down to an influence from nature.

Not everything about jewelry making is pretty or elegant. These trivets are certainly no exception.

But they do the job. 

Although it may not be elegant, playing with fire is quite fun. Rewarding even!

These are poppies but the inspiration for color came from the photo above of black eyed susans. And one day soon, I will take a break from making and photograph these fun earrings to put for sale in my shop, well shops. { on the photo to see these sweet earrings in my shop. I finally got to list them!}

happy making, kim