studio sundays

I almost forgot to post this series of photos. They were taken in my old basement studio, but the story is still the same. It's all about showing some behind the scenes photos on the making of my "not your grandma's clip-ons" these...

These were a little more work than just gluing a pre-made earring back onto a button. 
{this lady doesn't use pre-made earrings backs!}

I used my tiny little jewelers saw to cut off the button holes.

And my big girl file to flatten the back of the button.

Then some sanding with different grits to make the back of the button smooth as a baby's bottom.

This is my progress, terribly exciting isn't it?

Oh, and I have these pretties too. 

It seems my photos were lacking with proof how I made the findings, but it is true, I made these findings and attached them to the back of the button with epoxy.

...voilĂ , not your grandma's clip-ons came to being...

...and these too... favorite of the collection...

...but the whole family is quite cute, isn't it?

If you like what you see check my shop to see what is left after my Mass Market sale. I will have the quantities updated on Monday. 

happy sunday funday!
xo, kim