supermarket saturdays : Alisha Louise Designs

Alisha Louise's jewelry has been a long time love of mine on supermarket.  
Her piercing ability is impeccable. As is her planning of design. On the piece above lines intersect and overlap appearing to be formed ironwork. On the one below the design gradually increases in size, effortlessly.  

I am growing quite fond of these pierced pieces with vibrant colors. Especially the one above, orange and blue are just meant to be together, especially on a grand scale. 
Alisha Louise isn't afraid to make a statement. Her jewelry seems bold and fun to wear. And maybe one day I will get to try it on.

happy happy christmas! 
xo, kim

ps: I had mentioned in the original post that Alisha Louise had a body of work at Craftland. This is not the case. Through my crazy working haze I had confused her name with another jewelry artist who does some enameling. The whole time I was thinking the work was drastically different, there was something in the name that confused me. Alisha Louise has a sense of color and design unique to herself and not to be confused with another. Like I said, it was the name and not the work that threw me off.