welcome autumn!

These past few weeks have been so busy as I prepare for Bazaar Bizarre it has been hard to sneak in a few minutes to appreciate what is around me. I have been trying to take in autumn while it is still here, but mostly I just get to the studio and back home again. The few days I am not in the studio I have been working at Craftland tagging loads of handmade goodness. Seems I just can't get away from all things crafty. This isn't a complaint, I am loving it. 

I came across this last week in the parking lot to the complex my studio is in. I am not sure if it is a discarded machine part or a base to a large steel sculpture. Either way, it sure makes for a nice photo. It is my favorite of the week.

Callie girl was found all curled up on her bed keeping her moose warm in the tundra-like studio. My girl is such a sweetie! Hopefully, our days of being chilled are over. We are getting a blower installed. I can't wait to shed my snowboarding first layers!

On Tuesday, Callie and I went downtown for a stroll. 

I love the brick walkways running through the grass. 

Callie girl loves it too.

And there is a bit of iron work I love in the neighborhood. These gates are quite grand. 

As are these window bars. 

These too, colored in bright hues too. 

I just couldn't leave South Main Street without a trip to the Cable Car. I am in love with their Soy Mochas. They go so well with Vegan S'mores cupcakes by the sugarush truck! The hint of carrot makes me feel like I chose a healthy snack. 

And, well, I just fell in love with this poster. My short escape from making jewelry ended and it was time to get to the studio. 

Though I may complain that I am busy and that my shoulder hurts from hammering, I have been feeling quite lucky to be a jeweler. I may be stumbling through the getting paid well enough but slowly I am starting to see how I could get by wielding a hammer or torch. And for that I am grateful. Where else can you get paid to use fire and old discarded hammers? Those are my preferred tools for my trade, I don't want to trade them in for pens and a keyboard. 

xo, kim