welcome autumn!

Last week there was a day perfect for taking a longer walk than usual. Getting out for a little bit by the river was just the thing to do.

There was a bit of bittersweet about. 

And some lovely willows. 

I do enjoy these red berries, there isn't much color left as fall leaves us. 

But we will always have red overpasses.

It adds some nice color to the season.

And a great contrast to the blue water. 
{by the way, this is my new favorite photo and spot}

I tried to catch the river through a different lens. 

It made my walk look a little less vivid but more nostalgic.

Though the branches may be bare, I love to see them intertwine and take off.

Wouldn't these tall grasses be pretty sprinkled with snow?

I say that now, though I may change my mind.

Next time we come here I will venture around the pond. It had just rained and I was wearing my favorite non-hiking boots. I want to enjoy this little bit of silence in the city and me cursing my way through because I ruined my boots would have been anything buy joyful. 

what last bits of autumn are you catching before winter sets in?