welcome winter solstice!

We fell asleep to snow flurries drifting toward the ground to wake up with a thin veil of snow about the city. 

We cuddled a little longer than usual, it was a late night and it is nice to sleep in when there is snow. 

My favorite first sighting of snow is to see caught on the spindles of the fire escape.

The street was just so pretty.

Layered up and in boots I set out to see Callie have her first romp of the season in the snow. 

She is always so excited.

She can't wait to be let off her leash so she can roll, sniff and eat her fill of snow.

I am jealous of her fur coat, I never seem to be as warm as she is.

While she romped I captured the still playground.

I will miss playing with my niece here this winter. 

I tried to get Callie to be still so I could snap a quick one of her nose covered in snow.

It must have been quite tasty, she ate lots of it today.

This path is prettiest in the winter as it pokes through the snowy blanket.

This is a new addition to the studio grounds. Patriotic snow removal.

The sky was lovely tonight. It looked like the trees were glowing.

Had I gotten to the studio sooner I think this photo would have been more stunning. It is still a pretty view.

I do hope you had a great first day of winter. What adventures did you have?
xo, kim