welcome winter!

did winter ever come to this little state.
this is a little jaunt into the woods after we got just a bit of snow.

before the blizzard.

 but after the first decent snow fall. 

this little patch of woods in the city was the perfect place to visit after a dusting of snow.

 i didn't need my winter weed guide to know that these are queen anne's lace.

i love how mystical the background looks in this picture, like emerald city.

now these weeds i need to look into. i have been collecting them for some time without knowing it's name.

there was a little patch of weeds before the path.

then we came upon a stream.

 flowing to here.

miss callie was quite interested in the stream.

so was i.

the wall had some great patterns.

with a splash of graffiti. 

remember those stairs in the beginning? well, we climbed them and came upon a great view.

and so the blizzard started.

the ivy is getting covered.

the street too.

and the blizzard left and we surrendered and stayed in.

callie dives in loving the fresh snow.

she just can't get enough.

we ventured to the studio after our day inside to see it covered in snow.

and the roof tops were just as pretty as i expected.

i have been waiting for this view.

and finally, the city from my mother in law's. ever so pretty.

happy wednesday! keep toasty warm.
xo, kim