a young lady's adventures in her city

This week doesn't seem much like autumn. So, rather than welcome it, we will just take a look at my adventures in the city, taking place at the end of autumn. 
I always love the view after leaving White Electric. Everything look so clear and quiet.

My city has been rather grey these days. Hipstamatic really embraced the grey day.

Even the lighter hue of film couldn't brighten the sky. 

This seems like a still from a Tim Burton film. 

Funny how warm it was on this day. Felt like a thunderstorm was coming.

This park just isn't as inviting when the weather turns to winter.

Since it is close we will still visit. But Callie and I are onto new adventures.

Like the Blacstone Park

Callie really wants to take a romp in the water. I know she is tough in her fur coat.

But I don't want to brave the water if she panics {and it has been known to happen!}

Yes, this water. Maybe in the spring she can try it out.

Here is an example of me kicking myself for not having nippers on me. 

I love milkweed and really wish I had taken it home. Maybe next time. 

With the overpass and the water I think this spot will always be rich in color. No matter what the season. 

And the patterns in this area are quite lovely. 

Simple repetition gets me every time.

I am surprised to look back and see how many photos I took with a shape repeating itself. But then I think about my jewelry and realize I shouldn't be surprised. 

I walked by this twice before I realized how great it would look on film. 

I had the early sunset blues on this day. As I approached the city I realized it was all lit up and starting to look it's best. 

Though this may not represent it all that well... 

...I think this is when the city is at it's most magical...

...in complete darkness, all lit up and majestic. 

I love Providence and always will.
xo, kim