Flowers in London

Sorry I have been absent. I promise that my time has been well spent. Finally, I have been getting around to hemming curtains and hanging them. Our apartment is looking quite lovely and cozier than ever. But I digress, what you are really here for is to see some flowers I captured in London. Nice, bright blooms full of life. A welcome change from all of the snow we have been looking at, isn't it? 

These spider lilies are my absolute favorite. I made a cocktail ring inspired by these unusual lilies in college. Until I came across these in London, I had only seen spider lilies in a book. In my version, the cone in the center is hand-carved glass, the long curled petals are silver as are the stamen. One day I will get around to photographing it for you. Until then, enjoy the real thing.  

Hibiscus was fun to come across. 

It always looks so tropical, seeming so out of place here. 

I just loved this little garden full of wonders. 

Another first was seeing this anemone in the earth. I had only seen it as a cut flower from my days spent working in the florist. 

I love that you can see the little anemone I had photographed earlier peaking through the butterfly bush. It seems so much like an Alice in Wonderland flower as it spies through the leaves of the bush. 

This was the most attractive of the hibiscus. The center looks like Spin Art. I have fond memories of playing with paint as paper whirled around then stopping the paper to see what creation I made. None were this impressive. 

I hope you enjoyed this jaunt through a London garden today. Get your shovels ready, there's more snow before we see these blooms in our neighborhood.
xo, kim